600 Pound Dog Banned from Multi-User Path

Irene Campbell is protesting a ban prohibiting dogs weighing more than 500 pounds on paved multi-user and bicycle paths. The ban was issued by the Walpole, Massachusetts department of Parks and Recreation. Erik L. Hernandez, spokesman for Parks and Recreation explains:

Just as heavy trucks cause disproportionate wear of public roads and are prohibited in some areas, heavy dogs accelerate the wear of recreational paths and parks. This is unfair to taxpayers and to other park users.

Since the ban was announced on the first day of October, Campbell has been standing with her dog in front of the Parks and Recreation headquarters, holding a sign reading “FAT DOGS HAVE RIGHTS TOO.”

Local witnesses report that four, deep, paw-shaped depressions can be seen on the spot where her dog stands.

“Close-up portrait of an old boxer dog,” by Karen Arnold, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons. Modified.

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