Light Pollution: A New Approach

While most astronomers are concerned about light pollution, members of the Solar Extreme Dark Sky Association (SEDSASS) have focused on one of the most frequently overlooked, but most prevalent, sources of light pollution: our own sun.
“While most astronomers are only too aware of the negative impact of urban light pollution,” John Stellaris, SEDSASS executive vice-chancellor observes, “until now no one has called attention to the much more intrusive impact of the light of the sun. While urban lights do render most stars difficult to observe, the sun makes all stars (except the sun itself) completely impossible to see for more than half the day, every day of the year.”
SED-SASS, having identified this grave problem, has proposed a solution: an orbital umbrella or shade to prevent the light of the sun from reaching Earth. While this solution is not perfect—some light from the sun would still be reflected from the moon or from interplanetary dust—it would dramatically improve the visibility of the stars. Perhaps in the future, a more complete solution would involve completely encasing the sun itself in a sphere to prevent any light from escaping.


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  1. Publius Ebrius says:

    What a half-hearted solution! Why not either blow up the sun or, better, push it further away where it would transmit less light? Incidentally, this would help with global warming and might make some of the other planets habitable too. New technology being developed by CJXQ Group looks promising to accomplish this goal. I say, get on with it.

  2. Warren Pabbles III says:

    You should be aware that Publius Ebrius is a well-known opponent of sunlight. His comment is disingenuous. He is a member of the Trans-World Anti-Sunlight Coalition and recently was involved in demonstrations in the Arctic regions against the so-called midnight sun.

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