Indoor Pools as Tax Deductions

This passive solar wave pool is a massive tax deduction.

Under new federal legislation,up to 100% of the cost of passive solar features in new construction or as additions to existing buildings can be tax deductible. Heavytech Industrial Corporation® took advantage of this deduction by building a 700,000 gallon wave pool in its Omaha, NE headquarters.

“Water has an extremely high thermal capacity,” explains tax accountant Frank Chavez, “so the pool functions as a thermal mass to help moderate indoor temperatures and reduce the need for heating and air conditioning. In the hotter summer months, the pool absorbs heat, which it can give off during the winter. This will save the company thousands of dollars every year and will have a significant beneficial effect on the environment.”

When questioned by the IRS about the poolside swim up bar, Heavytech marketers explained that the bar’s alcohol functions as a thermal mass in addition to the water in the pool. Furthermore, the ice maker employs geothermal technology, and the olives are certified organic.

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