Editorial: The Flying News

Photo of The Flying News returning in glorious triumph.

The Flying News is Reborn

Let the towers of the mighty news powers tremble and fall into dust. Let the hearts of the news starved revel and leap friskily with joy: It is with unbounded delight and boisterous enthusiasm that I have the honor to herald the auspicious rebirth of The Flying News at www.flying-news.com. Some score of years ago (± two years), The Flying News first saw the light of day, in response to a deeply and urgently felt need for news that is timely, accurate, and impartial. Now, in response to the moans and lamentations of those for some years bereft of the true source of news, The Flying News has returned.

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  1. Karolus Rex says:

    Do you know what I think? I think the people–I use that term loosely–who write this stuff are making it all up. I mean, seriously!

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