New New York Law Allows Police to Ticket Drivers for “Being Mean”

Reckless driving is a serious offence, and typically involves endangering others’ well-being. But there is a definite number of drivers who are consistently rude, inconsiderate, and just plain mean, but who aren’t really guilty of reckless driving.
“It used to be,” says NYPD sergeant Ronald Cole, “that we’d give them a ticket anyway. Maybe for Driving without due care and attention or Driving with a malfunctioning carburetor or esophagus. Or we might, occasionally, arrest them for petty theft. This new law, however, is much better, since we can simply give a rude motorist a ticket for being mean. You can’t imagine how happy this has made me.”
Suellen A. Moe, Assistant Vice-President of Marketing for New Yorkers for Rudeness, has lodged a formal complaint against the new law:

New Yorkers have a history of being rude. This disgusting law infringes our constitutional rights to freedom of speech, free expression, and motorized rudeness, and we will not accept it. This is a civil rights issue, and civil disobedience, public nudity, and ice cream are the only response of the reasonable New Yorker.

Photo by Franz Golhen, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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