Cell phones

Ergonomic Phone Hits Market Soon

Antique telephone

If you own a mobile phone, you probably suffer from what ergonomics experts call “ear-mouth neck,” and you may not even know it. That’s a symptom of the neck’s attempt to connect the ear to the mouth, due to the phone being too short and not properly shaped to reach both. Moreover, the average cell […]

Cell Phone Use Increases Literacy Among High School Drama Queens

Clothes on a couch

A new study perpetrated on high school students by the University of South Francisco draws some interesting conclusions about students and cell phone use. First of all, there is a direct correlation between being a high school student and using a cell phone. That is, some, if not many, high school students have and use […]

Moby (aka Cell Phone) Hacky Sack

Foot kicking a cell phone.

With the continual release of new models of mobile telephones and the subsequent drop in value of any model more than two months old, young people have found a new use for an otherwise useless chunk of circuitry. The old

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