Be Careful Where You Use Your Phone

Early this morning, J. Loretta Reese was quite surprised to find a picture of her left foot entirely covered in mud. She wasn’t surprised to see that her foot was covered in mud—she remembered that very clearly. What surprised her was finding a photo of her muddy foot posted on a public web-site, as she […]

Trick-or-Treating Goes Viral

Photo of The Flying News returning in glorious triumph.

As children become more tech-savvy and adults become more willing to appease their every whim, trick-or-treaters are demanding more than just sweets from their neighbours this Halloween. Now they want computer accessories, especially USB drives, and they are willing to pull some pranks if they don’t get them. Robbie Domhnullach, a ten-year-old lad from Scotland, […]

Home Improvement Virus Discovered

Based on public domain image by Pavel Hrdlička, available at

D. I. Y. Impulses Linked to Newly Discovered Virus! Virologists at the University of Bristol have discovered a new virus linked to increased interest in DIY home improvements. “Epidemiologists noticed that interest in home improvement projects is not uniformly distributed,” reports Alexandra Dyer, William Shakespeare Professor of Virology at Bristol University. “They were surprised to see […]