Robot Unemployment on the Rise

With the advent of automation in the latter half of the 20th century, political campaigns often obsess over the problems of unemployment for those whose jobs are gradually being replaced by robots. But many have overlooked an equally troubling phenomena: older robots being replaced by newer, more intelligent robots. Every year, as Technology™ creates newer, […]

Book Review: Bite This

Grunells, George. BITE THIS. St. George, MO; Disappointing Books, 2016. 31 2/3 pp., Hardcover, $13.99 (Kindle™, $1.74). On the whole, we like interactive books at The Flying News. They’re clever, they don’t cost much, and, unlike doughnuts, they don’t get moldy when you leave them on the shelf for a couple of years.1 The genre, […]

How to Blow Up a Balloon

ducks celebrating the Boston Tea Party

As a prequel to our wildly popular article on How to Re-inflate Tennis Balls, we now look at how to blow up a balloon. This will be especially beneficial for our readers under the age of seven, but it will serve as a good “refresher” for our older readers, who will also learn some of […]