600 Pound Dog Banned from Multi-User Path

Irene Campbell is protesting a ban prohibiting dogs weighing more than 500 pounds on paved multi-user and bicycle paths. The ban was issued by the Walpole, Massachusetts department of Parks and Recreation. Erik L. Hernandez, spokesman for Parks and Recreation explains: Just as heavy trucks cause disproportionate wear of public roads and are prohibited in […]

Fed Sells Interstate Highway System

"Paintball US Air Force" by U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Brian Cox -, Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Overwhelmed by increasing maintenance costs, decreased tax revenue, and the aggressive actions of moles and prairie dogs, the federal government offered the interstate highway system for sale last month. The highest bidder was Interstate Paintball Corp.,™ which hopes to develop an extensive network of paintball courses on the land formerly used by the Interstates. Assistant […]

Social Security Administration Issues Custom Numbers

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Social Security Numbers (SSN) are pretty boring, aren’t they? I mean, what possible interest could anyone have in a number like 463 15 5463,1 Well, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is trying to change that. For a fee, they have introduced what they hope will be an exciting new feature: custom social security numbers. The […]

Indoor Pools as Tax Deductions

This passive solar wave pool is a massive tax deduction.

Under new federal legislation,up to 100% of the cost of passive solar features in new construction or as additions to existing buildings can be tax deductible. Heavytech Industrial Corporation® took advantage of this deduction by building a 700,000 gallon wave pool in its Omaha, NE headquarters. “Water has an extremely high thermal capacity,” explains tax […]