Surgery For A More Assertive Nose

Contrary to the stereotype, it’s not only women who worry about their looks. But where women might worry about the shape of their body, the length of their legs, or the silkiness of their hair, men are often more concerned with having an assertive face. This is especially important for managers: A sufficiently aggressive face […]

The Electric Hairbrush

Based on public domain images by Evan Amos, Mehy, and NeD80, available at,, and

Does Brushing Your Hair Make Your Wrists Ache? Just yesterday, Ultimate Universal Technology Corporation (UUTC) introduced a gadget that—improbable as it may seem—promises to be even more revolutionary than the Z-Phone: The Electric Hairbrush! The Electric Hairbrush features a 1/4 hp electric motor and is capable of seventeen degrees of freedom. It permanently mounts to […]