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Proper Use of Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Onion head with big round eyes.

For all you grammaphones out there, here is a lesson on the correct use of gender-neutral pronouns. While some well-known, better-unmentioned anti-social networking websites use “they” and “them” as gender-neutral pronouns, everyone knows “they” and “them” are both plural, and therefore cannot be used for a single person, whether that person is a male, female, […]

New Interactive Approach to Evolution Allows Direct Human Influence

You know what? I frequently interact with plants in ways that are not entirely to my satisfaction. While poison ivy is the most obvious example of unsatisfactory plant-Vim Vocifero interaction, every time I run into a tree when I’m walking in the woods or find those annoying prickles attached to my socks after a long […]

Single Online Privacy Policy

Sources say that several large internet companies are planning to simplify their privacy policies, both to make them easier to read and to better reflect actual practices. Further, even though these companies compete with each other in some areas, they have decided to all use the same set of policies because they all have the […]