Rock stars

Sprinkle, Sprinkle Little Tar

– a travesty – [read in monotone, avoiding melody, while eating fried chicken] sprinkle sprinkle little tar / how i blunder in the char / feathered for the world to fry / like a poultry in disguise / sprinkle sprinkle little tar / how i blunder in the char. “Le Poète inspiré,” by Jean-Bernard Restout. Public […]

A New Brand of Shock Rock

Shock rocker Monroe Charles began his career in the late 1980s with songs about all things evil: guns, drugs, and satanism. However, a few years ago he realised he was starting to lose ground as his audiences were no longer shocked by the same old themes. Since then he has completely revamped his songwriting to […]

Rock Stars Play Professional Conferences

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Seeking to gain better attendance and greater appeal among Generation X and Y members, some professional associations are hiring rock stars and setting theme songs for their annual conferences. Many of these societies feel their meetings are seen by younger members as being boring and having an uptight atmosphere which does little to spark their […]