How to Blow Up a Balloon

ducks celebrating the Boston Tea Party

As a prequel to our wildly popular article on How to Re-inflate Tennis Balls, we now look at how to blow up a balloon. This will be especially beneficial for our readers under the age of seven, but it will serve as a good “refresher” for our older readers, who will also learn some of […]

Declaration of Independence to Display Ads

It appears that the United States of America has a fairly large national debt. How large? Estimates place the figure somewhere in excess of eighteen trillion dollars. Since this debt is so large, we’ve been wondering, here in the central office of The Flying News, how we can get some of that money. At least, […]

Belarus to Issue Free Storage Units to Urban Residents

In an attempt to forestall any possibility of a revolution, the government of Belarus is planning to build climate-controlled storage facilities. Each urban resident will be provided with a large, free, and heavily armored storage unit. In order to encourage citizens to use their storage units, the government has placed large billboards in all major […]