Art Review: Studies in Flab and Drooping Skin

Drawing of an old man

By the looks of past exhibits, I’d think artist Jeanine J. Eninaej was a primary school art teacher, exhibiting works by her worst students to wake up the masses to the unfortunate Future of Art in the post-postmodern world. But in fact, she exhibits her very own original “art” at some of the most “prestigious” […]

Book Review: Cheesy Stories for Walrus Lovers

Morris, Stephen Q. Cheesy Stories for Walrus Lovers. Santa Ana, CA: Cheesy Stories, 2015. 192 pp., $13.55, cheap grayish paper. Following on the mediocre success of Cheesy Stories for Browns Fans and Cheesy Stories for 39 Year Old Female College Students, Cheesy Stories, Inc. has come out with a new book: Cheesy Stories for Walrus […]

Book Review: The Eater’s Guide to the Doughnut

Judd, Terry N. The Eater’s Guide to the Doughnut: The Doughnut as Inspiration for Life, Love, Happiness, and Transcendent Communion with the Universe. Northern South Dakota University Press, 2015, 624.6 pp., $47.55 vellum. As a general rule, I like books. Most of them are compact, many are portable, and nearly all are still legible after […]

Book Review: Business Strategies for the Third Millenium

Although I admit that I haven’t read Business Strategies for the Third Millenium, my review will be a trustworthy and insightful guide to the merits of the book. I did pick up the book, and it seemed quite thick. While the book is long, far too long for anyone to actually read, I found the […]