How to Reinvent the Wheel

If you think about wheels as often as we at The Flying News do, you may have heard various—and perhaps even sundry—persons discuss the desirability of reinventing the wheel. And for some reason or other, such specimens usually refer to the reinvention of the wheel as not wholly desirable. But having nothing better to do […]

Yes, We Were Inspired by Beer

For some years now, a significant segment1 of the population of Columbus, Ohio has been firmly convinced that the logo of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department (CRPD) represents a mug of beer with a large head of foam. As Michael Hartman says: “I see it every day, and every day it makes me think […]

Product Review: Boss-Mode Hammock

Does your work interfere with your relaxation? Do you find yourself sitting at a desk when you’d rather be reclining? Technology hasn’t yet enabled you to be in your office working at the same time that you’re at the beach surfing, but all the same, the Boss-Mode Hammock is a major advance in the possibilities […]