How Do Opera Singers Hold Their Notes So Long?

Have you ever wondered how opera singers hold their notes for such a long time? If you ask a voice teacher, you are liable to receive answers such as “lung capacity,” “breath support,” or “resonance.” If you perform an internet search, you might get a response like “they squeeze a quarter between their buttocks,” and […]

Inflate Your Own Pizza

Much to my chagrin, I found myself, not long ago, walking past a freezer full of frozen pizzas. Alert as always, I noticed that some of the pizzas on display featured a “self-rising crust.” The logical concomitant of this fact was, of course, that, while the self-rising pizza is somehow the cause of its own […]

How to Re-inflate Tennis Balls

impaled tennis ball

If you are a tennis enthusiast and have ever tried playing a game with an old tennis ball that has lost its “oomph” (a technical word for internal air pressure), you know that it spoils the game when the ball just doesn’t bounce properly. Now, most professional tennis players will tell you to buy a […]