Random text generator

Random Word Replacement Keeps Music Lovers Interested

“Music is boring!” This was the conclusion that Gene Walton came to after a summer spent as a lifeguard. Instead of giving up and spending the rest of his free time studying geometry, Walton decided to take action: he invented the Waltonizer, a small device that randomly replaces words in music of any genre. His […]

Permanent Dental Floss

If you think about it, dental floss is a fairly significant use of natural resources. If you use between twelve and eighteen inches of floss when you floss your teeth every day, then in one year, you will use between one hundred-twenty-two and one hundred-eighty-three yards of floss. If the current global population is 7.09521798037 […]

Aristotle: A Shocking Revelation

An Aristotelian manuscript

Aristotle’s Philosophical Works Produced by Random Text Generator One of the most interesting fruits of the contemporary computer revolution is the random text generator. Examples range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and include the modern spirituality generator, a multitude of pickup line generators and, most famous of all (until now) the postmodernism generator.1 While […]