Planned obsolescence

Slow Boot Time of “Smart Bullets” Leads to Increased Bayonet Use

T93 Sniper Rifle, © SP Lee, used with permission. This picture is not of a "smart" weapon, but you can imagine that it might be.

The introduction of the “smart bullet” a few years back was intended to allow soldiers to kill enemies with greater precision. Confidential sources report that the “smart bullet 3.14” is due to enter service later this year. This redesigned, next-generation weapon will increase accuracy to the extent that the army will be able to completely […]

Stanford University Introduces New Planned Obsolescence Engineering Certificate

Stanford, California: In response to an urgent need in the manufacturing community, Stanford University has announced a new special certificate in Planned Obsolescence Engineering. This certificate, which will be available to all engineers (including mechanical, electrical, psychological, chemical, electro-chemical, chemico-electrical, psycho-electrical, and train engineers), “confirms that the engineer is proficient in all aspects of planned […]