Payphones Become Major Tourist Attractions

New York city is, without a doubt, one of the major tourist destinations in the English speaking world. After all, it contains about eighty museums, a pretty decent ballet, an opera company, and a building whose facade is entirely covered in keys. Well, now a new, very unique attraction has been added to the list: […]

A New Way to Reserve Your Parking Space

Have you ever, when running late for an appointment, wished that there was some way you could make sure that a parking space was ready when you arrived at your destination? Have you ever, in moments of frustration, idly daydreamed about moving parked cars out of your space with a forklift? Frustration Free, Inc. has […]

Be Careful Where You Use Your Phone

Early this morning, J. Loretta Reese was quite surprised to find a picture of her left foot entirely covered in mud. She wasn’t surprised to see that her foot was covered in mud—she remembered that very clearly. What surprised her was finding a photo of her muddy foot posted on a public web-site, as she […]

Heraclitus in the Digital Age

The Pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus is known especially for his statement that Πάντα ῥεῖ, that all things flow. This has been taken to indicate the ever-changing nature of reality, with the consequence that our words, necessarily static and unchanging, cannot adequately correspond to things as they really are. One of Heraclitus’s disciples, Cratylus, made the logical […]

Siri, Meet Guru

Computerized, voice-activated personal assistants like Siri and Cortana can do a lot to get you information and answer fact-based questions. But until now, there hasn’t been an application that could answer the real, deep questions you are asking yourself all the time, questions that require decisions. Siri and Cortana can answer things like: What time […]

Pastor, That WAS My Cell Phone

Melted Cell Phone

Finnish Pastor Installs Localized Electromagnetic Pulse Generators Frustrated with his services being interrupted by cell phone calls, Finnish Lutheran pastor Petteri Piirto, decided to adopt a technologically advanced solution at his parish church in Västanfjärd, Finland. Working with MagnoPulse© Corporation, he installed highly focused Localized Electromagnetic Pulse (LEMP) generators over the doors of the church. […]

Technology: The Z-Phone

The Z-Phone promises to be, not only the latest, but the last word in the world of portable devices. “After all,” boasts a masked and anonymous spokesman for the Ultimate Universal Technology Corporation (UUTC), “there just aren’t any more letters in the alphabet.” The new Z-Phone includes a number of extremely controversial new features not […]