Organize Your Library!

If, like many Americans, you have books in your house, you may occasionally wonder how to organize them. You could, of course, just throw all your books on the floor, figuring that this is the most natural and organic sort of order for your book collection. The problem with this approach is that your books […]

National Educators’ Association Criticizes Baseball

Just yesterday, the National Educators’ Association and the Society for Grading and Education issued a joint critique of baseball, focused primarily on batting averages. Marie Walters, Assistant Director of Criticism, explains: The National Educators’ Association has worked tirelessly, for many years, to convince children and parents that nothing less than an A is satisfactory. We […]

Exclusive Interview With Joe Vanilla

stick man

We here at The Flying News had a chance to meet with a rare breed of person, not like most of the people you meet — that’s right, this man is a plain vanilla Joe, just an ordinary man, no uniqueness whatsoever. And his name is, indeed, Joe. “What?” you say, “I’ve never met a real, […]