Even Better Ways to Save Electricity

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Are you still paying those darned electric bills every month? Want to find a way out of it? Try these tips to save tons of electricity1 without paying for expensive generators, windmills, or solar panels.2 Tip #1. Turn off your computer when you’re using it. What you probably haven’t realised is that a laptop computer […]

How to Tell a Donkey from a Bicycle

Do you ride a donkey to work while your next-door neighbour takes a bicycle? Do you find yourself spending way too much time each morning trying to determine which is which, so you don’t accidentally mount his bike and leave your donkey? Well, here we explain the subtle differences between a donkey and a bike, […]

Secrets for Saving on Your Electric Bill

Electric Socket and Welcome Mat

With the rising costs of electricity just about everywhere, many of us are wondering where all that money is going. Isn’t there a way to save some money on electricity? Here are some secrets we have gathered that may help you. There are three basic methods for saving on your electric bill: Use less electricity. […]