Mint Expects Big Profits From New Penny

It is a fairly well known fact that the U. S. one cent coin (popularly know as the penny) costs more to produce than its nominal value of $.01. (In 2014, the cost of producing a penny was 1.66 cents.1) This extra isn’t much, but it adds up; the billions of pennies minted each year […]

Bits and Smidgeons and Other Small Units of Measure

When expressing quantities of ingredients for a recipe, magic potion, or an alchemical preparation, some find it difficult to remember the correct scientific units of measure for small amounts. This easy guide will help you. First of all, NEVER write “some” or “a little” in your recipes. These are very inexact figures and can be […]

Non-Surgical Digestive Bypass

Public domain image, "Die dick seyllerin," available at

Breaking news on the obesity front: Gold Touch Nanotechnology™, LLC, has developed a new way to reduce weight gain. Their new digestive bypass avoids the need for surgery, dieting, and any kind of self-control. Instead nanotechnology creates a number of tiny pores leading from the stomach to the outside of the body. Food enters the […]