Sign Language Institute Offers Advanced Music Interpretation

The South Carolina Sign Language Institute is now offering courses in advanced ASL Music Interpretation. If you’ve ever watched a sign language interpreter translating music into signs, you’ll notice that, while the words of the music can be rendered very literally, the interpretation of the music is not nearly as precise. The rhythm is more […]

Holiday Uncheer©

Cheer, as everyone knows, can mean (among various other meanings that I am not interested in discussing today) three distinct things: (1) A feeling of gaiety, mirth, or cheerfulness;1 (2) A loud shout or acclamation expressing applause, joy, enthusiasm, cheer (1), or approbation; and (3) Alcoholic beverages of all kinds, particularly those set forth to […]

Product Review: Boss-Mode Hammock

Does your work interfere with your relaxation? Do you find yourself sitting at a desk when you’d rather be reclining? Technology hasn’t yet enabled you to be in your office working at the same time that you’re at the beach surfing, but all the same, the Boss-Mode Hammock is a major advance in the possibilities […]

Rock Stars Play Professional Conferences

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Seeking to gain better attendance and greater appeal among Generation X and Y members, some professional associations are hiring rock stars and setting theme songs for their annual conferences. Many of these societies feel their meetings are seen by younger members as being boring and having an uptight atmosphere which does little to spark their […]

Music Review: Concerto for Cigarette and Lawnmower

Public domain image: Elizabeth Nourse, "Woman with Cigarette." . Available at

I1 had2 the3 distinct4 honor—no, honor is much too weak of a word: dignity, or perhaps, even, glory would be more appropriate—of attending a concert by the late, and oh! so highly esteemed Aurélie Givry: her Concerto for Lawnmower and Cigarette, Opus 49.2. Oh! The ecstasy. In my many years as an esteemed music critic […]

A Shocking Case of Discrimination Scrutinized

Why is it that everyone, quite literally everyone (including babies in the womb) knows something about the trumpet, but, despite its unique musical capabilities, so few have even heard of the flugelhorn? This is the question that Glen Haliburton, Associate Professor of Non-reductive Social Ethno-Linguistics at the International University of West Carolina probes in his […]