Marital bliss

Charles Augustus Fortescue

Charles Augustus Fortescue Who Always Did what was Right, and so Accumulated an Immense Fortune The nicest child I ever knew Was Charles Augustus Fortescue. He never lost his cap, or tore His stockings or his pinafore: In eating Bread he made no Crumbs, He was extremely fond of sums, To which, however, he preferred […]

Washington State Seeks Canadian-American Dual Citizenship

According to Colleen Q. Newquist, the State of Washington (U.S.A.) has approached Canada to inquire about the possibility of dual citizenship. According to Newquist: It’s not that we don’t like being part of America. But in the global economy, we want to keep our options open. We don’t see our American citizenship as something restrictive, […]

Guide to Engagements

There are, as everyone knows, as many different kinds of engagements as there are people. For example, frogs generally begin their engagement by being kissed by princesses. Lord Ickenham, in contrast, recommends that you proceed as follows: “stride up to the subject, grab her by the wrist, clasp her to your bosom and shower burning […]

Siri, Meet Guru

Computerized, voice-activated personal assistants like Siri and Cortana can do a lot to get you information and answer fact-based questions. But until now, there hasn’t been an application that could answer the real, deep questions you are asking yourself all the time, questions that require decisions. Siri and Cortana can answer things like: What time […]