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A New Approach to Surfing Now that summer is here, you may feel inclined to take up a new outdoor activity. We, at The Flying News, would like to point out that one of your options is surfing. Now, you may object that there are certain difficulties involved in surfing. The three difficulties we want […]

Style Trends: Magnetizing

Photo of The Flying News returning in glorious triumph.

Straps, ties, and precise tailoring have been unavoidable hassles for the fashion industry until recently, when top designers have taken advantage of a new technology: implanted magnets. Top models have had thin layers of subcutaneous magnets implanted in strategic positions around their body, freeing designers from constraints and allowing them to create new and incredible […]

Sports: Cheating

While cheating in sports is nothing new, and professional bicycling is not one of the less notorious arenas for such cheating, rarely has cheating as innovative as this been seen in the world of sports. At the Finnish National World Championships stage race this month, the Submarine Classic Team had been consistently leading the field, […]