Linguistic piracy

Vandals Deface Public Monument, Correct Grammatical Mistake

Columbus, OH: The John W. Galbreath Bicentennial Park includes fountains, pedestrian and cyclist trails, a restaurant, a sound stage, and what someone must have found to be a very irksome grammatical error. Park authorities reported to the police that, sometime between the hours of 2:17 and 4:29 Tuesday morning, vandals defaced the dedicatory plaque located […]

Swedish Parliament Objects to “Borg”

Sveriges riksdag, photograph by Christian Gidlöf, in public domain, available at

The Swedish Parliament, or Riksdag, recently registered an objection with the international court concerning the use of the Swedish name Borg to refer to a psuedo-race in the Star Trek Universe¬©. “The name ‘Borg’ is part of the indigenous linguistic wealth of the Swedish people,” explains Ante Borg, Swedish Minister of Commerce. “The use of […]