Woman Jailed for Philosophical Malpractice

As if Socrates’ trial and execution were not evidence enough, from the streets of New York City comes new proof that philosophy and politics don’t mix. Melissa Rosser, Associate Professor of Philosophy at PUNY, is a specialist in ancient philosophy. Among other areas of interest, she has written several books about the paradoxes of Zeno, […]

Affirmative Action Traffic Lights In San Diego

This week, the traffic lights in the city of San Diego (California) will begin to take action—affirmative action. “In the past,” explains traffic commissioner Melissa Pruett, “too many of our traffic lights were not sensitive to bicycles waiting at an intersection. As cyclists are legally required to wait at stop lights, these maladjusted lights gave […]

University To Require Notarized And Witnessed Consent

Concerned about concern over sexual assault, The State University of Northern South Dakota has unveiled a new policy designed to more clearly define, and thus greatly reduce the incidence of, sexual assault. The new law requires consent to any sexual activity to be notarized in the presence of two witnesses. Before having their consent forms […]

A Shocking Case of Discrimination Scrutinized

Why is it that everyone, quite literally everyone (including babies in the womb) knows something about the trumpet, but, despite its unique musical capabilities, so few have even heard of the flugelhorn? This is the question that Glen Haliburton, Associate Professor of Non-reductive Social Ethno-Linguistics at the International University of West Carolina probes in his […]