Secret Cures for Secret Diseases

Pewter Pan Pancakes taste great with high-fructose corn syrup!

If you spend much time online, you surely know that there are simple and easy cures for everything from diabetes to internet addiction to the complete absence of a sense of humor. But did you know that there is a host of secret diseases equally in need of a cure?   The sad truth is […]

Teen Grounded From Internet Hospitalized

When Robert Q. Dahlberg III grounded his son, Robert Q. Dahlberg IV, from using the internet for a week, he had no idea that he was putting Bobby IV’s life in danger. For three days, Bobby IV endured this punishment (not uncomplainingly). On the morning of the fourth day, however, he was found by his […]

Book Review: Welcome to the Internet

Man 1: Read any good books lately?

Redmund, Ronald. Welcome to the Internet: Just When You Thought There Were Too Many Books to Read in a Lifetime. Electropop Books, Ltd., 1992. 233 pp., £19.92 (Hardcover). The newest book from Electropop Books, Ltd., Ronald Redmund’s 1992 Welcome to the Internet: Just When You Thought There Were Too Many Books to Read in a […]

Survey Finds 87% of News Counterfeit

You know how they check your bills with that funny marker whenever you buy something? Do you know why? It’s not because the clerks like the funny marker smell—it’s because you look like a counterfeiter. If you try to pass any funny money, the magic marker detects the forgery and immediately sets off alarm bells, […]


Despite the fact that I was trying to sleep in, it has come to my ears that someone has been going around claiming that everyone needs to learn how to write computer programs. There may be some truth in that: when I play chess against my computer, being able to re-write the program so that […]

Single Online Privacy Policy

Sources say that several large internet companies are planning to simplify their privacy policies, both to make them easier to read and to better reflect actual practices. Further, even though these companies compete with each other in some areas, they have decided to all use the same set of policies because they all have the […]