English Town Introduces Dyslexic-Friendly Street Signs

Stop sign that reads SPOT.

Although many precincts cater to physically handicapped citizens with ramps on sidewalks and near building entrances, one portion of the population still feels left out. In fact, mentally handicapped people may even outnumber the physically handicapped, but most do not admit their own existence. But one such handicap, dyslexia, has reached heightened awareness lately, and […]

Book Review: Advice Worth Ignoring

Guarendi, Ray. Advice Worth Ignoring: How Tuning Out the Experts Can Make You a Better Parent. Servant Books, 2016, 160 pp. Like most of the books we review, we haven’t actually read Advice Worth Ignoring, but it is a real book. We even saw it on a book shelf once, which means it must be […]