Ice cream

Thursday, My Lucky Day

Anti-Theft windscreen scraper.

Jim: It’s Thursday. Vim: So it is. Jim: Thursday’s my lucky day. Vim: How so? Jim: All kinds of good things happen to me on Thursdays. Vim: Like what? Jim: I got my lucky pants on a Thursday. Vim: How do you know they’re lucky? Jim: Because I got them on a Thursday. And Thursday’s […]

This Is Nothing

This Is Nothing

I feel compelled to write a reply to the recent post by Hilaire Belloc on nothing at all, which was so aptly titled. While I dare say it is one of our best-written articles of late—and it certainly gets to the essence of nothing—I do think it is missing something. So I begin with a […]

The Flying News Named “Best New News Organisation”

A prestigous honour for The Flying News

The International Standard Publication Rating Association (ISPRA) has named The Flying News the Best New News Organisation, a prestigious award with a stringent selection process. Several members of the ISPRA panel spoke highly of The Flying News: These days, most news is old news before it ever gets read. But The Flying News is not like […]

Exclusive Interview With Joe Vanilla

stick man

We here at The Flying News had a chance to meet with a rare breed of person, not like most of the people you meet — that’s right, this man is a plain vanilla Joe, just an ordinary man, no uniqueness whatsoever. And his name is, indeed, Joe. “What?” you say, “I’ve never met a real, […]