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Man Rescues Radiators from House During Tornado

Radiators sit outside a house turned to rubble by a tornado.

Brian Sortee, 25, of Hampton, became an overnight hero last Tuesday, when a flash tornado hit the home of his next door neighbour, 82-year-old Evelyn Smith, affectionately known to all as “Mrs. Smith.” Sortee was mowing his lawn when he spotted the tornado at a distance, coming straight for Mrs. Smith’s house. “I could tell […]

Simulated Windows Save Energy

Shutters in a rainstorm

A new poll from the International Energy Association (IEA) found that about 82% of people would prefer to pay less for electricity. The other 18% must be idiots. But the poll brings up a very good point, which is the desire for more energy-saving devices in the home. And the newest one is so simple, […]

Home Improvement with Children

Why You Should Let Your Children Help Fix Your House August is a great time to finish up all of your summer projects. If you have children, it’s always tempting to do these projects without their help. You might feel like working in the middle of the night, not showering for long enough that your […]

Home Improvement Virus Discovered

Based on public domain image by Pavel Hrdlička, available at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Zidovudine-3D-balls.png#mediaviewer/File:Zidovudine-3D-balls.png.

D. I. Y. Impulses Linked to Newly Discovered Virus! Virologists at the University of Bristol have discovered a new virus linked to increased interest in DIY home improvements. “Epidemiologists noticed that interest in home improvement projects is not uniformly distributed,” reports Alexandra Dyer, William Shakespeare Professor of Virology at Bristol University. “They were surprised to see […]