Green Electricity

Have you ever thought about switching to green electricity? Maybe green is your favorite color, and the universe just can’t contain enough green. Or maybe you’re tired of ordinary electricity and you just want a change. Whatever your reason for wanting to make the switch, this handy guide will help you get started with green […]

Non Electric Alarm Clock Winding

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In an effort to be more green, Enoch Williams of Fresno, CA threw away all of his electrical appliances. No more computer, no more air conditioner, and no more electric butter warmer.1 He has really enjoyed the feeling of freedom this has given him, and has, in addition, saved a lot of money by canceling […]

Indoor Pools as Tax Deductions

This passive solar wave pool is a massive tax deduction.

Under new federal legislation,up to 100% of the cost of passive solar features in new construction or as additions to existing buildings can be tax deductible. Heavytech Industrial Corporation┬« took advantage of this deduction by building a 700,000 gallon wave pool in its Omaha, NE headquarters. “Water has an extremely high thermal capacity,” explains tax […]