Aquarium Waterbed

The dedicated aquarist is always looking for a place for a new fish tank.   Photo based on “Giant Clams and Fish at Waikiki Aquarium” by Meowmeow10. CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons and “Waterbed” by Ciell CC-BY-SA-2.5 via Wikimedia Commons. More News: Automotive Underbody Cameras The Electric Hairbrush Cow-Shark Discovered on Exoplanet Seeing Eye […]

The Famous Tay Whale

‘Twas in the month of December, and in the year 1883, That a monster whale came to Dundee, Resolved for a few days to sport and play, And devour the small fishes in the silvery Tay. So the monster whale did sport and play Among the innocent little fishes in the beautiful Tay, Until he […]

Cow-Shark Discovered on Exoplanet

Last Wednesday, astronomers made an astonishing accidental discovery while studying the atmospheric composition of the exoplanet Gliese 581 c. Their observations demonstrated with absolute certainty that the planet is inhabited by an animal which has come to be popularly known as the Cow-Shark. Cindy C. Carnell, a xenoethologist at the State University of Northern South […]

The Electric Hairbrush

Based on public domain images by Evan Amos, Mehy, and NeD80, available at,, and

Does Brushing Your Hair Make Your Wrists Ache? Just yesterday, Ultimate Universal Technology Corporation (UUTC) introduced a gadget that—improbable as it may seem—promises to be even more revolutionary than the Z-Phone: The Electric Hairbrush! The Electric Hairbrush features a 1/4 hp electric motor and is capable of seventeen degrees of freedom. It permanently mounts to […]