The Porcupine

          What! would you slap the Porcupine? Unhappy child—desist! Alas! that any friend of mine Should turn Tupto-philist.1 To strike the creature To strike the meanest and the least Of creatures is a sin, With prickes on its skin How much more bad to beat a beast With prickles on its skin. Pictures […]

Belarus to Issue Free Storage Units to Urban Residents

In an attempt to forestall any possibility of a revolution, the government of Belarus is planning to build climate-controlled storage facilities. Each urban resident will be provided with a large, free, and heavily armored storage unit. In order to encourage citizens to use their storage units, the government has placed large billboards in all major […]


Wack! WHAM: OW-OW-OW-OW-OWOWOWOWOW- Boink. “Hey, wait a minute.” “Why?” CRASH!!! “See what I mean?” “Why you LITTLE . . .” . . . bump . . . Clangangangangang. “All right then. You just come back here!” “Wait! See this?” “Yah.” CRASHCLANGBANGBONG . . . Boing . . . Boing . . . Boing . . […]

Parenting Advice: Children and Kite Flying

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Summer is the time for flying kites. Kite flying is a healthy form of aerobic exercise, and we have some essential tips that can help you make the most of your kite flying experience. But first, here are some essential safety precautions to observe: Don’t fly a kite while cleaning out your refrigerator. Otherwise, you […]