Distinguished guests

The Python

The Python     A Python I should not advise,— It needs a doctor for its eyes, And has the measles yearly.       However, if you feel inclined To get one (to improve your mind, And not from fashion merely),     Allow no music near its cage; And when it flies into […]

Recipe: Cocoa Chaos

Charred Cake

This time of year, many people enjoy inviting friends or relatives to their homes for dinner and serving a special dish. This is a favourite dessert recipe that we just had to share, and it’s guaranteed to make an impression. Ingredients A few cups of flour Bicarbonate of soda to taste Baking powder to taste Lots […]

Painless Entertaining

Do you feel apprehensive when you think about entertaining? Entertaining can be stressful, especially when your guests drill holes in the walls. But if you follow our advice, you can make sure that your distinguished guests remember the time spent in your home for the rest of their lives.1 In order to keep your guests […]