Diet pills

#1 Cause of Disease Discovered

Mysterious creature

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, scientist, stay-at-home mom, president of a failing company, president of a failing country, 3-year-old child, or a sickly, gaunt, but well-dressed supermodel, you undoubtedly have faced a good number of diseases in your lifetime, and will likely experience more in years to come. Basically, anyone who is not either […]

Vegetable Obesity

Careful observation shows that the plant pictured here is definitely suffering from morbid vegetable obesity.

Are your houseplants overweight? Obesity was once believed to be a problem primarily for the animal kingdom, but new research shows that vegetable obesity is becoming more and more of a problem. Super-sized plant life is especially abundant in suburban neighborhoods. One of the biggest problems for scientists working in this area has been coming […]