Ten Things Your Dentist Won’t Tell You

Since my article on Ten Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You was so popular, and since I also had occasion to visit my dentist—he invites me over for tea on a rather monthly basis—I now share with you the exactly and precisely 10 (not 9.99999 or 10.00001) things your dentist won’t tell you. Dentists are […]

Things to Do in a Dentist’s Waiting Room

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a dentist’s waiting room, wondering how to pass the time while listening idly to the gentle sounds of the office: the soft whine of the drill, the subtle rattle of the bone saw, and the other patients’ muted screams of agony? If you have encountered this quandary, if […]

Tooth Decay with Interruptions from the World Cup

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The following is sponsored by Twizzlers: “Twizzlers! It’s what the 5th dentist recommends.”   The Flying News: Transcribed Video Edition: Thank you for allowing us to waste several more minutes of your time! Yesterday, in an exclusive interview, we will have sat down with the one out of five dentists who prefers tooth decay over […]

Affordable Care Act Requires Flossing Twice a Day

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A Harvard law student recently discovered a section of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, hitherto unknown, which requires all Americans over the age of 14 to floss twice a day. While working on his PhD dissertation, which covers only a portion of the some four million pages of the health care law, Samuel […]

Permanent Dental Floss

If you think about it, dental floss is a fairly significant use of natural resources. If you use between twelve and eighteen inches of floss when you floss your teeth every day, then in one year, you will use between one hundred-twenty-two and one hundred-eighty-three yards of floss. If the current global population is 7.09521798037 […]