Descriptive Jottings of London

As I stood upon London Bridge and viewed the mighty throng Of thousands of people in cabs and ‘busses rapidly whirling along, All furiously driving to and fro, Up one street and down another as quick as they could go: Then I was struck with the discordant sound of human voices there, Which seemed to […]

Headache Cures

Alterated from a public domain image by 'Bilboq', available at

While decapitation certainly works to cure nearly any headache, in our extensive experience at The Flying News, the side effects are often rather severe, and can include skin disorders, mood swings, and even hyperthyroidism. So, in an effort to promote public health, we have some gentler and more holistic approaches to curing your headache.1 Some […]

How to Talk to the Queen

Have you ever been taking a peaceful, quiet, non-confrontational sort of a walk, strolling languidly through a park or down a country lane, your mind full of the beauties of green growing things, when suddenly, without warning, you find yourself confronted with a queen, or perhaps a king, prince, princess, or some other such royal […]