Gender Controversy at ‘Muggle’ Quidditch World Cup

At the North-East U.S. Quidditch Regional Finals last month, the Montpelier (VT) Marauders set off an international controversy by fielding 7 players who, to look at them, all seemed to be male, each one claiming to be of a different ‘gender’. “A little strange,” you might think, “but hardly major sports news, even for quidditch […]

George has Four Mommies

Public domain image from a manuscript of the Bhagavata Purana, available at

Protests Erupt over Children’s Book! When Robert Benton wrote George has Four Mommies, he wasn’t intending to start a controversy. He simply wanted to write a book so that children in polygamous families would have stories about families more like theirs. But when the Librarians’ Association of America featured George has Four Mommies as Inclusive […]

Scientists Compare Apples and Oranges

Controversy erupted last week in the world of botany when the International Journal of Modern Botany published a new study comparing apples and oranges. The study, entitled “A Comparison of the Essential Properties of the Fruits of the Malus domestica and Citrus sinensis,” was conducted by scientists at the North South Wales Centre for Botanical […]

Bermuda Triangle Actually A Hexagon

The Bermuda Triangle: The area between Miami (Florida), Bermuda, and San Juan (Puerto Rico) where aliens perform unspeakable procedures on helpless human subjects without obtaining informed consent, where pilots and navigators are routinely unlucky, or where nothing particularly unusual happens (but people like to make up creepy stories about it anyway). Last year, The Flying […]

University To Require Notarized And Witnessed Consent

Concerned about concern over sexual assault, The State University of Northern South Dakota has unveiled a new policy designed to more clearly define, and thus greatly reduce the incidence of, sexual assault. The new law requires consent to any sexual activity to be notarized in the presence of two witnesses. Before having their consent forms […]