Three Piece Suits Newest Trend In High Visibility Wear

In the minds of most of us, high visibility clothing (also called, presumably by marketing executives who failed spelling class, ‘hi-viz’) means bright orange T-shirts that strike the viewer with palpably violent force, plastic pants of a green that leaves an after-image lasting three weeks, and hats of a yellow shade so disturbing that they […]

Green Electricity

Have you ever thought about switching to green electricity? Maybe green is your favorite color, and the universe just can’t contain enough green. Or maybe you’re tired of ordinary electricity and you just want a change. Whatever your reason for wanting to make the switch, this handy guide will help you get started with green […]

New Institutes Discover New Dots

At some time during 2014, the Institute for Pale Blue Dots was founded at Cornell University.1 The troubling vagueness of this statement, the impossibility of locating the founding of the Institute to any time more precise than the year 2014, immediately suggests that something odd is going on. More unusual still, we have a definite […]

Hi-Viz Black

It used to be that bright colors really got you noticed. Fire engine were painted the imaginatively named fire engine red so that they’d stand out among the mob of black model-T Fords, and red haired girls stood out amid the blondes and brunettes. These days, however, fire engines look muted and tasteful—you hardly even […]

The Blind Painting the Blind

If you’re tired of the same old paint colors, and don’t simply want to use whatever colors happen to be trendy this year when you paint, why not go for something really different. “Always Something Surprising” is the motto of a new Cleveland painting company called The Blind Painting the Blind, Inc. While not all […]


Since Nelson Goodman’s publication of Fact, Fiction, & Forecast,1 philosophers have discussed the color known as grue, which seems identical to green before time T, but which seems identical to blue after time T. The problem with identifying grue things, of course, is that no one knew when time T would occur. Well, thanks to […]

Marketing Strategies for Father’s Day

A Father's Day Power Tool

Flying News investigative reporter Ryan Rocifero has discovered that, in preparation for father’s day, VeryManlyTools® Co. has adopted a unique marketing strategy in its retail outlets. “Market researchers at VeryManlyTools found,” Rocifero reports, “that women were discouraging their husbands from buying expensive power tools. They deliberately sought for, and managed to find, a strategy to […]