Senate Candidate Caught Smoking Cigarette

Tracy Lake, who recently announced her candidacy for the U. S. Senate, shocked the nation when she was found smoking a cigarette on her back porch two evenings ago. The early days of her candidacy had been plagued by persistent rumors of tobacco use, but her denials had—at least seemingly—convinced critics that she was, in […]

Music Review: Concerto for Cigarette and Lawnmower

Public domain image: Elizabeth Nourse, "Woman with Cigarette." . Available at

I1 had2 the3 distinct4 honor—no, honor is much too weak of a word: dignity, or perhaps, even, glory would be more appropriate—of attending a concert by the late, and oh! so highly esteemed Aurélie Givry: her Concerto for Lawnmower and Cigarette, Opus 49.2. Oh! The ecstasy. In my many years as an esteemed music critic […]