Native Coders

The idea of teaching your child more than one languages from birth is not particularly new or original. In fact, in the world today there may be as many bilingual as there are monoglot children.1 What is new about the Natural Coding Movement is the other language which child is taught: from birth, the baby […]

G. K. Chesterton on Beer

It is now an established fact that all human motive and action is due to Beer; not merely among adults but also among children. The whole life of a child (of either sex) is actuated by Beer. The first action of which a child is capable is a lusty yell; we have established that this […]

Lines in Praise of Tommy Atkins

Success to Tommy Atkins, he’s a very brave man, And to deny it there’s few people can; And to face his foreign foes he’s never afraid, Therefore he’s not a beggar, as Rudyard Kipling has said. No, he’s paid by our Government, and is worthy of his hire; And from our shores in time of […]

National Educators’ Association Criticizes Baseball

Just yesterday, the National Educators’ Association and the Society for Grading and Education issued a joint critique of baseball, focused primarily on batting averages. Marie Walters, Assistant Director of Criticism, explains: The National Educators’ Association has worked tirelessly, for many years, to convince children and parents that nothing less than an A is satisfactory. We […]

Prenatal Education

Formal Education™ seems to begin earlier and earlier every year. Not only do the school year and the school day start earlier, but the age at which children are expected to get stressed out about things like homework and peer pressure gets earlier too. Kindergarten, a German word which could be literally translated as “childrens’ […]

League of American Atheists Publishes Homer Without Gods

One very serious problem with many of the greatest works of literature is that there is always an implicit, and usually an explicit, openness to the supernatural. This is a very serious problem indeed, if, as may be the case, you are an atheist. In order to correct this deficiency, the League of American Atheists […]

Home Improvement with Children

Why You Should Let Your Children Help Fix Your House August is a great time to finish up all of your summer projects. If you have children, it’s always tempting to do these projects without their help. You might feel like working in the middle of the night, not showering for long enough that your […]

Parenting Advice: Children and Kite Flying

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Summer is the time for flying kites. Kite flying is a healthy form of aerobic exercise, and we have some essential tips that can help you make the most of your kite flying experience. But first, here are some essential safety precautions to observe: Don’t fly a kite while cleaning out your refrigerator. Otherwise, you […]