Camouflage for the Office

A new line of clothing by OfficeWear Max promises to improve your workday, reduce stress, and free up lots of time. The company, an off-shoot of Military Uniforms United, recently introduced a line of camouflaging office attire. Marketing director Sarah Woolard of OfficeWear Max stated, “Our new line of camouflage will help you blend right […]

Russia Adopts New Flag

After months of intense, top-secret, sometimes factious debate, Russia has officially adopted a new flag. Replacing the former flag, with its three stripes of white, blue, and red, the new flag has six stripes, representing the six principal rivers of Russia (Volga, Moskva, Neva, Ob, Don, and Ural). “The former flag,” explains Dmitry Anokhin, Russian […]

IPPA Proposes Largest Ever LCD Screen

Are you concerned about alien invasion? Probably not, but the International Planetary Protection Association (IPPA) is. Very concerned. So concerned, in fact, that they have proposed the construction of the largest ever LCD screen. Large enough, in fact, to cover the entire planet. When we first heard about this, we wondered what this project had […]