British Accent

The Horrors of Majuba

’Twas after the great Majuba fight: And the next morning, at daylight, Captain Macbean’s men were ordered to headquarters camp, So immediately Captain Macbean and his men set out on tramp. And there they were joined by the Blue Jackets and 58th men, Who, for unflinching courage, no man can them condemn; And that brave […]

Painless Entertaining

Do you feel apprehensive when you think about entertaining? Entertaining can be stressful, especially when your guests drill holes in the walls. But if you follow our advice, you can make sure that your distinguished guests remember the time spent in your home for the rest of their lives.1 In order to keep your guests […]

How to Make an Instructional Video

"Apollo 15 Television Camera" by NASA/James B. Irwin - Cropped version of Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Fame, fortune, and fettuccine Alfredo await the man who makes the successful instructional video. However, actually producing a world-class instructional video is not easy. As Stephanie Williams once said, “producing an instructional video is a more difficult and demanding art form than classical ballet, ceramics, or surfing.” At The Flying News, we’ve always found such […]