Book Review: Welcome to the Internet

Man 1: Read any good books lately?

Redmund, Ronald. Welcome to the Internet: Just When You Thought There Were Too Many Books to Read in a Lifetime. Electropop Books, Ltd., 1992. 233 pp., £19.92 (Hardcover). The newest book from Electropop Books, Ltd., Ronald Redmund’s 1992 Welcome to the Internet: Just When You Thought There Were Too Many Books to Read in a […]

Book Review: Bite This

Grunells, George. BITE THIS. St. George, MO; Disappointing Books, 2016. 31 2/3 pp., Hardcover, $13.99 (Kindle™, $1.74). On the whole, we like interactive books at The Flying News. They’re clever, they don’t cost much, and, unlike doughnuts, they don’t get moldy when you leave them on the shelf for a couple of years.1 The genre, […]

Organize Your Library!

If, like many Americans, you have books in your house, you may occasionally wonder how to organize them. You could, of course, just throw all your books on the floor, figuring that this is the most natural and organic sort of order for your book collection. The problem with this approach is that your books […]

Book Review: The Eater’s Guide to the Doughnut

Judd, Terry N. The Eater’s Guide to the Doughnut: The Doughnut as Inspiration for Life, Love, Happiness, and Transcendent Communion with the Universe. Northern South Dakota University Press, 2015, 624.6 pp., $47.55 vellum. As a general rule, I like books. Most of them are compact, many are portable, and nearly all are still legible after […]

History of The Audio Book

The Definitive History of The Audio Book1 The earliest known ancestor of the contemporary Audio Book was the Phonographic Book,2 invented by Julius Caesar in c. 54 BC. It employed a clay cylinder covered with wax. While wildly popular with the Roman public, sound quality tended to degrade as the wax softened in the summer […]

Audio Books Review

You might think the title of this review is a mistake. But it’s not. We’re not reviewing an audio book, but rather the whole concept of the audio book. This is, therefore, a review of every audio book, past, present, and future, actual and potential, whether conveyed by means of a CD, magnetic cassette tape, […]