Ferris Wheel Stuck Upside-Down

Upside-down Ferris wheel

One of the most popular rides at fairs and amusement parks, the Ferris wheel is usually considered one of the safest, a ride for all ages. However, as sometimes happens with roller coasters and other such amusements, one Ferris wheel at a fair in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, recently got stuck upside-down. The cars were filled […]

Obesity’s Global Impact

Increase in Body Mass Slows Earth’s Rotation Does winter seem longer and drearier this year? Does time lie heavy on your hands? In fact, heaviness is exactly the problem, says Gilbert M. Merrick, Dean of Temporal Research at Alaska’s Temporary Research Institute. The real cause of things slowing down is that all of us, or […]

Light Pollution: A New Approach

While most astronomers are concerned about light pollution, members of the Solar Extreme Dark Sky Association (SEDSASS) have focused on one of the most frequently overlooked, but most prevalent, sources of light pollution: our own sun. “While most astronomers are only too aware of the negative impact of urban light pollution,” John Stellaris, SEDSASS executive […]

Cow-Shark Discovered on Exoplanet

Last Wednesday, astronomers made an astonishing accidental discovery while studying the atmospheric composition of the exoplanet Gliese 581 c. Their observations demonstrated with absolute certainty that the planet is inhabited by an animal which has come to be popularly known as the Cow-Shark. Cindy C. Carnell, a xenoethologist at the State University of Northern South […]

Former Planet Earth Now Really an Asteroid

Public domain image (NASA) available at

When Pluto was demoted from a planet to a cartoon character, nobody really cared.1 But now that the same thing has happened to our own planet, we’re all very upset. Last week, the International Astronomical Congress decreed, by a 57-40 vote, that what was formerly known as the planet Earth will now be known as […]