Assistance animal

The Porcupine

          What! would you slap the Porcupine? Unhappy child—desist! Alas! that any friend of mine Should turn Tupto-philist.1 To strike the creature To strike the meanest and the least Of creatures is a sin, With prickes on its skin How much more bad to beat a beast With prickles on its skin. Pictures […]

Seeing Eye Octopuses

Kuniyoshi Utagawa, octopus, red fish. Public domain image, available at,_octopus,_red_fish.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Kuniyoshi_Utagawa,_octopus,_red_fish.jpg.

Seeing Eye Dogs are clichĂ©d. Not only that, some people really don’t like dogs. Of course, the seeing eye horse is an option, but not everyone likes horses. Moreover, some people claim to have allergies to fur. So if you don’t like dogs and horses, don’t like sniffling while not being run over by cars, […]