How to Carve a Totem Pole

Stump of a utility pole

Have you ever wanted to make a mark on the world? To leave a lasting sign of your ego, your greatness, so that future generations will bow down to honour your memory? Or do you just like making funny faces and leaving them on display in odd places to confuse passers-by? Making your own totem […]

Music Review: Concerto for Cigarette and Lawnmower

Public domain image: Elizabeth Nourse, "Woman with Cigarette." . Available at

I1 had2 the3 distinct4 honor—no, honor is much too weak of a word: dignity, or perhaps, even, glory would be more appropriate—of attending a concert by the late, and oh! so highly esteemed Aurélie Givry: her Concerto for Lawnmower and Cigarette, Opus 49.2. Oh! The ecstasy. In my many years as an esteemed music critic […]

A Shocking Case of Discrimination Scrutinized

Why is it that everyone, quite literally everyone (including babies in the womb) knows something about the trumpet, but, despite its unique musical capabilities, so few have even heard of the flugelhorn? This is the question that Glen Haliburton, Associate Professor of Non-reductive Social Ethno-Linguistics at the International University of West Carolina probes in his […]