A New Categorisation of Holidays

A philosopher from the Arctic Circle known as “Jonathan Tallyhoe” has begun a new line of research into the categorisation of cultural holidays and celebratory festivals. Mr. Tallyhoe, who does not hold any authentic PhD’s that we know of,1 claims he is the first to enter into such territory, while following “a time-tested Aristotelian method.” […]

New Year’s Day

A really tasty-looking three-layer cake!

If you read this before 6 A.M. on New Year’s Day, you’re probably a) up too late, and b) apparently tired of talking to all the people with whom you spent the last few hours. Why not just go to sleep? After all, nothing changes on New Year’s Day. Oh, yes, you might have to […]

Obituary for Matthew Arnold Lionel “Sonny” Reynolds, Jr. III

Matthew Arnold Lionel “Sonny” Reynolds, Jr. III, of Smallchester, England died at age 73, at home on his deathbed, on Saturday, 6 February, 2016. The cause is unknown, but it was apparently a good cause, because he has received many gifts in his favour since. Sonny enjoyed long walks on the beach, alcohol, and women. […]