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Scientists Discover that Humans Have Toes

One of the highlights of this week's International Conference of the International Union of International Human Phalangology, Midwest Division was a paper called "Confirmation of. . .


[A poem in the classical form, to be read aloud before the vast assembly.] And so I shut the shutters for they shuddered in the weather and it. . .

Games to Play at Wakes and Funerals

Planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one? Worried that it might be dark, dreary, and boring? Here's a list of games you can. . .

Commercial Interests Sieze Control of GPS

Beaverton, OR: Local resident Julie Pike was driving home from work this past Friday, when she realized she had just parked her car in the. . .

Trick-or-Treating Goes Viral

As children become more tech-savvy and adults become more willing to appease their every whim, trick-or-treaters are demanding more than just sweets from their neighbours. . .

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